Why You Should Have A Buyer’s Agent?

On February 2, 2016 by Eligio Armijo

agentsAs we all know buying property can be stressful. All the searching and short listing houses takes up a lot of time and it can be quite stressful. But you don’t need to go through all that if you have a professional helping you out. There are number of reasons why you should hire a professional to help you when buying property.

Wide range of access
If you are buying property in Melbourne, unlike realtors, buyers agent in Melbourne has a wide range of access to many number of properties. Since they are on the purchaser’s side, they can search and short list from many different listings. They usually don’t have their own listings since they are on the purchaser’s side. They will search through many listings and short list the appropriate properties according to your needs. You can hire a good agent and tell them clearly what type of property you are looking for and they will search and short list them for you. This saves a lot of time and effort for you.

Knowledge of investing
Most buyer agents Melbourne are skilled & experienced sellers at knowing if a property is worth buying. This is something most normal people don’t realize; when they are purchasing property they simply look at the looks and the price but don’t think about the investment they are making. But if you hire a professional they can consult you on the matter. Some properties are good looking and it comes at a reasonable price, but they don’t have any significant after value of the property. When you hire a professional they can tell the difference between a valuable property and one that is not. So they would calculate the significant value of it after sometime and see if that’s worth buying.
When you hire a professional, they are not only searching and short listing properties for you but also will contact the realtor that has listed the property and negotiate with them to get a good price. Also if you are interested in purchasing properties at an auction, they will do the bidding for you as well. This will save a lot of time and effort for you. It is not easy to handle the heat of negotiations and bidding if you are a first time buyer. It is always better to get the help that you need to purchase the ideal property for you.

Cost of them depends on the value of the property you are buying. It is mostly a commission that you need to pay. It can either be a fixed value you agreed or a percentage of the value of the property. Either way the cost of hiring an agent is not very much.