The Best Technologies To Buy For Yourself

On February 17, 2016 by Eligio Armijo

advocateIt seems that nowadays you end up with new things to add to your collection of tech gadgets popping up every hour and everywhere on the world. Depending on where you live, most of them are available within days and sometimes within a month. There are things from a camera that tracks everything to pen that auto corrects itself. So here are some things to have a look on to see whether they are worth being added to your collection.

● The Google Chromecast

The rival to the traditional remote, Google Chromecast looks like a USB/ flash drive and can be plugged into the HDMI port of your TV or your computer and then it will let you stream your favourite movies from Netflix, videos from YouTube and Google Play and more services being added as it is updated. For the price of just $35, Google has upped the game on watching TV. Chromecast is recommended by buyer advocate groups as a potential major hit as it keeps updating itself.

● Panasonic’s SC-NT10

Prices at $40 at Amazon and recommended by buyers advocate Melbourne groups, this next generation portable Bluetooth speaker has great high definition sounds, can take a splash of water, dust storms, you being careless and dropping it and even leaving it outside with your dog accidentally in the snow. This device is so small that you can take it around in your vehicle and use as a Bluetooth speakerphone and avoid the car crashes.

● Astro E4 of Anker

Portable battery chargers are something that has become the norm and of essential value to travellers worldwide. But few have the capacity to charge two or three devices without being the one drained first. The Astro E4 is in the top of the lists with its 13000mAh lithium ion battery and its capacity to charge around six smartphones in one go. One of the best things about this is its ability to charge two devices at once, so you will not end up having to waste time plugging in your tablet and waiting for it to charge for another twenty minutes. It also has a front LED which works as a flashlight in an emergency.

● Hue connected bulb by Philips

If you want a bulb that you can turn off or turn down using your tablet or smartphone on your bedside table instead of having to walk all the way across the room, the Hue connected bulb is your newest help. The bulbs come in different colours and it turns off on its own when you’re away from home by seeing the location in your phone. The bulbs also turn on to wake you up in the morning and give you flash alerts when you have important emails and packages arriving. While some of them might not be in your alley of spending money, most of the existing gadgets have the self updating capacity to add more uses to the amount you invest on them. To know more about property advocates Melbourne, visit